Therapeutic Massage and Fibromyalgia

The dawn of a new decade has seen a variety of new diseases. Sometimes these new maladies can encompass nondescript symptoms and be nearly impossible to diagnose, much less cure. Fibromyalgia is one of these diseases. In fact, after osteoarthritis fibromyalgia is the most common musculoskeletal condition and it is often misdiagnosed. Some common symptoms include widely spread muscle and joint pain as well as general feelings of fatigue. In addition to pain, this disease can also lead to depression and isolation.

Because there are no widely utilized or even specific laboratory tests for diagnosis, doctors must rely on completing a comprehensive physical exam and a thorough medical history. The doctor will rule out other conditions that could cause similar symptoms; therefore, fibromyalgia is an exclusionary diagnosis and there is no cure. Furthermore, there is no treatment that will mitigate all of the patient’s symptoms.

Fortunately, there is a wide array of alternative treatments that have been shown to be effective in treating this elusive problem. In addition to traditional medical treatments that include medication, other elements of the program may include exercises, behavioral techniques, and holistic care. Fibromyalgia is just beginning to be included in many medical studies, including ones by the National Institutes of Health also known as the NIH.

A paper recently published by the NIH on the subject of fibromyalgia has shown that alternative methods of healthcare including therapeutic massage can be an effective way to reduce the symptoms of the disease. One of the elements of the fibromyalgia treatment program is to reduce stress levels. While there are many ways to accomplish stress reduction, therapeutic massage has been used for centuries for relaxation. It has also been extensively used in order to reduce muscle pain in athletes after strenuous workouts.

Today’s world has its share of stresses and new diagnoses. Fibromyalgia is a malady that affects thousands of people every year. While there is no cure, alternative therapies such as therapeutic massage are available in the Garden Grove area and can help reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

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