Joanne Hur-son, L.Ac

Joanne’s particular interest is women’s health, believing that effective care comprises the full spectrum of menstrual life, from puberty through menopause. She finds acupuncture and herbs to be especially successful in treating mood swings and other emotional symptoms relating to the disruption of hormonal transitions premenstrual and during menopause. Her goal is to help women take charge of their own health, encouraging them not to accept their ailments as “normal”, and so aims to optimize their most basic experiences.

Her specialty is the treatment of women for a wide variety of issues including infertility, PMS, hot flashes, anxiety, insomnia, menstrual problems, PCOS, digestive problems, eating disorders, obesity and fibroids. She has a long association with the School Teachers and Parents community and is known for her ability to treat teachers and parents for muscle pains and stresses. She also treats teenagers and Irvine Moms appreciate her gentle, natural treatments for childhood ailments. Kind and empathetic, Joanne excels at supporting patients who are suffering from anxiety and depression.

Joanne brings to each treatment the gifts of insight and compassion, to enhance the healing experience and strengthen the innate healing power within each of us.

Joanne is a former Instructor of Preventive Medicine classes proved by State of California Acupuncture Board