Recent Studies on Acupuncture Show

As more and more Americans are looking for alternative methods of health care, they are turning to ancient medicinal methods such as acupuncture. Discovered more than four thousand years ago in China, these proven techniques are finding a wider acceptance among mainstream health care professionals including oncologists and general Practioners to cure a range of maladies.

As Western medicine continues to rely on the pharmaceutical industry to cure diseases and problems, acupuncture practiced in areas such as Southern California’s Garden Grove is gaining popularity due largely to its comparative affordability and lack of adverse side effects. Of course, this begs the question: how well does it actually work on real world problems?

In order to answer this, a battery of studies was recently undertaken to show the effect of ancient Chinese techniques on the modern patient. Here is a summary of some of those findings:

  • Immune System: Human clinical trials on the effect of acupuncture have shown that it indeed enhances immune system response.

  • Pain Management: clinical studies have shown that acupuncture actually reduced the amount of pain experienced in some cancer patients. In one particular study, some of the subjects treated with acupuncture were able to take smaller doses of pain medications.

  • Cancer Patients: perhaps the strongest evidence of the efficacy of acupuncture came from clinical trials of acupuncture to relieve nausea and vomiting. Several types of clinical trials showed that acupuncture reduced these side effects of chemotherapy, surgery, and morning sickness.

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy: HRT has been known to cause hot flashes in many patients, specifically women with breast cancer and men with prostate cancer. Several studies have shown that acupuncture may be an effective method to mitigating the occurrences of hot flashes.

Alternative medicine is not only gaining in patient popularity, but the United States government is starting to take notice and continues to study how an ancient Chinese healing technique can augment modern Western medicine.

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