Even Pregnant Women Can Have a Massage

It is common knowledge that massage has gained a high degree of acceptance in today’s Western society. Therapeutic massage has wider applications than weekend “spa days” by the rich and famous. Modern medicine has been studying the benefits of massage for decades and has found that bodywork can also have huge benefits for pregnant women. Carrying a child is one of the most rewarding experiences in a woman’s life and these new mommies are extra careful not to do anything that would compromise the safety of their babies.

This type of massage can be used both during and after pregnancy. The massage therapist uses a special table that is designed to accommodate the unique physical shape of a pregnant woman’s profile. A side position is generally the most comfortable position. While research continues, a recently released study from the University Of Miami School Of Medicine showed that both pre- and post-natal massage can have multiple benefits including decreased back pain, reduced levels of anxiety, and improved sleep. Many women experience post-partum depression after their baby is delivered. While massage is not a cure, it has been shown to decrease depression and shows an improvement in overall mood after the baby is born.

Massage during pregnancy has a wide portfolio of techniques and they all seek to accomplish different goals during the treatment. Swedish is probably the most popular and well known technique. It features long, soothing strokes in order to alleviate joint pain and decrease stress. A deep tissue is used with firm strokes to penetrate deep into the muscles. The deep tissue technique helps loosen up muscles locked up due to stress and overwork. Massage professionals can adjust their technique to compensate for the anatomical differences experienced during pregnancy such as decreased blood flow to the joints and legs.

Massage professionals in Garden Grove, California have helped hundreds of pregnant women decompress and improve their mood. It has been shown that massage is not only safe during pregnancy, but is very beneficial to both the mother and the child.

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