Manipulation of the Spine Trumps Drugs

A recent report released by the Annals of Internal Medicine has found that various techniques of spinal manipulation as practiced by some chiropractic professionals showed a better result than a course of prescription medication. Western medicine has started seeing the benefits of Chiropractic treatment, especially for those patients that do not respond well to conventional modalities. The various forms of spinal manipulation included in the study were low amplitude and high velocity combinations in addition to low velocity treatments.

The results showed that after four months, 82% of the patients in the experimental group saw a reduction in pain by more than half. In the control group that received pain medication, 69% reported a pain reduction of half or more. In addition to reporting significantly reduced levels of pain, the group that received the spinal manipulation technique also reported higher levels of overall health including mobility, function, and patient satisfaction.

While this study is by no means exhaustive, it does indicate that alternative forms of medical care are indeed a viable form of pain management. As medical science advances, the horizons of treatment modalities are becoming broader as patients in Garden Grove, California as well as nationwide seek out better ways to manage illness. Complementary and Alternative Medicine techniques such as chiropractic care have made huge strides in Western medical science.

Doctors of Chiropractic are required to undergo years of specialized training in anatomy, physiology, and practical medical experience. Chiropractic professionals also receive training in treating the patient from a holistic perspective. It is their aim to treat the patient as a person and not simply a malfunctioning system. There are many facets to patient treatment; pain management is just one of them. Chiropractors are also adept at getting to the root cause of the pain and treating it from a long term perspective.

Many people may think that therapies such as Chiropractic care are somehow less effective than traditional Western medication. But the data shows that, in some cases, it can be even more effective than pills.

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