Family Practice

Wellness for Men

Complete Physical Exam
Prostate Hypertrophy/Cancer Screening
STDS Screening & Treatment
Cholesterol Screening & Treatment
Diabetes Screening & Treatment
Hypertension Screening & Treatment
Hypo & Hyperthyroidism
Heart Health
Minor Trauma & Injures
and more….

Wellness for Women

Pap Smear
Breast Exam/Mammogram
Pelvic Exam
Pre-Pregnancy Counseling
Birth control
STDS Screening/Treatment
Cholesterol Screening/Treatment
Diabetes Screening/Treatment
Heart Health
Hypertension control
Hypo and Hyperthyroidism
Minor Trauma & Injures
and more….


Wellness for woman
Dementia Screening & Treatment
Colon Cancer Screening
Chronic Disease Management
Minor Trauma & Injures

Pediatrics & Teen Health

(10-years & Older)
Well Child Checks/Vaccinations
School Physicals
Sport Physicals
Camp Physicals
Asthma Control
Upper Respiratory Infections
Minor Trauma & Injures
and more….