Cupping Technique Shown Successful in Pain Management

Ancient Eastern medical techniques in Garden Grove are quickly gaining favor among all types of patients. As more and more people search for alternatives to traditional Western medicine, techniques such as acupuncture are also gaining acceptance within mainstream society. When people think of acupuncture, they probably envision needles and ancient Chinese herbal formulas as the most common forms of treatment. However, acupuncture professionals often employ additional therapies for a more holistic system of health care.

Many patients that visit alternative health care clinics do so because of severe pain and tightness in the neck and shoulders. These pains may be due to excessive hours working at a computer or other repetitive employment activity. After one acupuncture treatment and a cupping treatment, a patient’s pain has often been reduced by half and following several treatments patients have been reported as pain free. What’s more, a cupping technique combined with acupuncture has been shown to immediately relieve a myriad of pain and stress factors. The cupping technique has been known for millennia and received a lot of publicity eight years ago when popular actress Gwyneth Paltrow appeared at a major Hollywood film premiere with cupping marks on her back.

Cupping and acupuncture are therapies that have been shown effective to treat pain and other health concerns by breaking up natural blockages found within natural anatomical energy patterns. The cupping technique actually uses glass or plastic cups to create suction over specific points on the body. The purpose of the cups draws up of the skin and helps to stimulate blood flow; thereby, balancing and realigning natural energy flows. This technique breaks up obstructions and creates a conduit for toxins to exit the body.

Many techniques are being utilized in order to counteract the effects of pain and stress on the modern patient. Professional acupuncture practitioners are using cupping in conjunction with other techniques with great success. Cupping is a technique that can help you more effectively manage your pain.

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