Chiropractors: Quacks or Real Deal?

A much maligned and under appreciated discipline, chiropractors sometimes get a hard time of it. Chiropractors generally aim to treat problems that adversely affect the alignment of the musculoskeletal system. The treatment received by these health care professionals is based on the evidence that when the bones in your spine are out of alignment, it causes a variety of other medical problems. Most chiropractors take a holistic approach to promoting health through specific prescriptions for lifestyle changes, nutrition, and exercise. Furthermore, many Doctors of Chiropractic espouse that prescription medication and surgery should be used as last resort treatments.

The truth is this: chiropractors receive thorough training in physical rehabilitation and specific exercise therapy. Many also employ the use of common-sense nutritional analysis, proven methods of herbal therapy, and recognized acupuncture techniques. Upon graduating from chiropractic school, these doctors must pass a rigorous medical exam in order to become a licensed practitioner. Most patients who have never been to a chiropractor before may worry about what to expect. They also may have doubts about the efficacy of the treatment. But the fact is: visiting a chiropractor for low back pain is simple, safe, and painless and has been demonstrated to be extremely effective. Furthermore, a chiropractic treatment often results in immediate relief for many people.

As a matter of what to expect, Chiropractic treatments usually involve adjusting the joints and bones in your spine. Sometimes these methods involve twisting, pulling, or pushing movements. Some other treatments include heat, electrical stimulation, or ultrasound to help your muscles relax. Spinal adjustment is done through a variety of methods such as using fingers or hands to apply pressure to and move the vertebrae slightly beyond their normal range of motion. A chiropractic treatment may also include range of motion twisting of the head, shoulders, and hips.

In the final analysis, chiropractors serve a very useful purpose in the medical disciplines. They are very much the real deal. In our ever increasingly and over-medicated society; Doctors of Chiropractic offer a real and effective treatment alternative to powerful drugs that alter the body’s fundamental chemistry.

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