Weight Loss

About Obesity
The most important part of any treatment of obesity is the person’s health during the treatment.  Even if the patient is on a diet the patient’s health should be the number 1 concern, not whether she is losing weight or not.  The healthier the human body becomes, naturally the fitter the body will become also.
When looking back on your life, usually the times that are the most stressful, are when your mind and body suffer the most.
At AOA our goal is not only to get you to lose the weight, but to create a healthier body and healthier lifestyle for you.  Therefore unlike other programs there will be no yo-yo effect.  The weight will not come back as soon as you take it off because we treat you not the weight.

Our program is not an intense compact program that will take the weight off instantly.  Instead it is a stead program, at least 3 months, that requires some patience.  But in the end the results will speak for themselves and you will be in the best shape of your life.  Also you will keep the weight off.

About normal cells

  • Why would it take 3 months, you ask?
    The cells in the human body have a life span of 90 days.  The program at AOA will replace all the abnormal cells in your body through a process of proper diet, exercise and Asian medication.  We must let our bodies naturally dispose of the abnormal cells so that they do not reproduce.  So the minimum of 90 days is required so that we start to reduce the number of abnormal cells and replace them with healthy cells.
    Therefore we must raise our oxygen intake in our bodies.  Why must we do this?   This is to speed up our metabolism.  The more oxygen our cells receive the faster and harder they work.  When our cells are functioning efficiently there should be no excess fat stored in our bodies.  Basically the cells are burning off all the food consumed and turning them into energy.
  • What are abnormal cells?
    Abnormal cells are not all cancer or diseased cells.  Abnormal cells could be cells that do not make sufficient energy that it should be making or the cells could be just weak overall.
    If there is an excess of stored fat cells in the body then there is a lack of oxygen in the body.  Imagine if you have all the firewood necessary to start a fire.  Now if there is no flame to start that fire you can have all the firewood in the world but nothing is going to help get the fire going.  That is exactly what is going on in our bodies.  If the cells in our bodies do not receive enough oxygen then the “spark” is not there and then the cells do not function as they should.
    Abnormal cell cannot break down the sugars that come into our bodies.  The sugars are then just stored away in the body as excess fat.  Normal cells will break down the sugars and convert them into energy for the body.  Therefore the more abnormal cells that we have equate to more fat being stored and the more normal cells equate to more energy.
    In cases of extreme dieting, starvation, the body reproduces cells in order to create more energy.  So in actuality the body produces abnormal cells along with normal cells.  So the weight will disappear but the number of abnormal cells in the body has increased dramatically.  Eventually the abnormal cells in the body will work against the body and create more stored fat.(yo-yo effect)

We use Asian medication in our program to fill our bodies with the minerals that we need in addition to a well rounded diet.  We include the Asian medicine because sometimes our food s lack the proper minerals to provide the proper nutrients that the cells need.  Also the medicine can stop the craving that  people get for food.


  • Asian Medication
    In Asian medicine obesity is not just an excess of fat in the body.  It is an imbalance in the body and mind.  The medication will help cure the imbalance.
  • Acupuncture (general)
    Acupuncture on the thighs, legs, buttocks, and other fatty areas.  It is to create blood flow into the areas and to create heat.
  • Acupressure
    Massaging the cellulite areas and muscles.  It promotes blood circulation and muscle relaxation.
  • Ear Acupuncture
    The ear has pressure points that correlate to different areas in the body.  One of the areas help control the appetite of the individual.
  • Cupping
    Used to create more blood flow into the problem areas.  Cupping is done directly on the problem areas.
  • Moxa
    Is done to warm the problem areas.  This is a good treatment for women who need to warm their uterus and hip area.
  • Diet
    Find the individual diet for each individual.  Find the reason for overeating and then give proper direction for the diet and help cure the imbalance of nutrients.
  • Exercise
    Relieve the tension and stress in mind and the body.  Gives us more energy.  Stabalizes the qi energy.  Burns off the excess fat.    Also at AOA we have a great variety of Easy Exercise Machines that can be used by people of all ages.

Consultation with Acupuncturist about lifestyle changes
Acupuncturist will go over with each patient their own daily routine.  We will help the patient change their habits(if necessary): eating, exercising, sleeping, management of stress…  Find out why the patient is overeating.   Help the patient lead a more healthier lifestyle.


BMI Level
*Risk of other
Insufficient weight
< 18.5
Healthy weight
18.5 ~ 24.9
25.0 ~ 29.9
30.0 ~ 34.9
35.0 ~ 39.9
very high
Extreme obese
40.0 +
extremely high