Pain Control

Two faces of pain: Pain is unbearable and can be a struggle for anyone who has to go through it.  Does that mean that pain is a bad thing  in relation to our body?  No.  Even though it may hurt, pain is a good thing for our body.

The pain lets us know that something is not right with our bodies. For example if we were to be poked by a needle or burned by a flame we would instantly react. If our bodies started to feel pain that we could not explain then we would seek professional help.

If we did not have any pain sensors in our bodies then we could get a serious disease and not know it.  Pain in our bodies is our own personal safety alarm.

But if the pain persists for more than a couple of days, weeks, or even months, then that is a different story.  Say a car alarm is still going after the owner had already checked the car and everything was fine.  There is still something wrong with the car, just that the owner could not see it.  That is the same with the human body.  If the body is still feeling pain it can affect our mental health as well as our physical health.  If the pain continues in the body and the origin of the pain is not discovered then it can lead into a serious mental disease like depression.

So a combination of a healthy diet, acupuncture, and oriental medicine can prevent and find the origin of the pain.  At AOA we promise to uphold our oath as doctors and help find and cure whatever pains our patients have.