A woman’s well being is measured by what kind of condition her uterus is in. Therefore the uterus is the key to the overall health of the female body.

Over the course of a woman’s life-time, the uterus goes through many changes. Starting from puberty, periods, pregnancy and then menopause, the female body goes through many different stages.

PMS, vaginal discharge, miscarriage, menopause, and myoma of the uterus are all conditions that only the female body can go through. These are also all related to the uterus and therefore a healthy uterus is a healthy body.

The uterus is also a very important part of the reproduction system. It is a place, that for 9 months the baby calls home. Everything the mother feels, thinks, and eats the baby does exactly the same. That is why it is so important that the mother care for the uterus before she even becomes pregnant. Also while she is pregnant it is even more so, because everything she does is magnified through the baby. And how the infant is born is all a direct effect of how well the mother has taken care of her uterus.

So instead of focusing on the disease, you must focus on the uterus as a whole. Then after finding out what causes the disease, treat it at the root.